Copper Spoon


Simone and Anderson, friends and roommates from their days at UC Berkeley, built their original food truck business, Sassafras, on the idea that what they enjoyed eating, others would enjoy eating. That meant their brand story at Copper Spoon focuses around Simone’s Greek heritage (she grew up there) and Copper Spoon’s California location. They began brainstorming and noodling around with iconic images from California or Greece. Many were not right. “We started out with a spoon and a poppy around it,” said Simone, who originally wanted to incorporate the state flower into the brand design. That idea was too literal for the sassy yet home-style food business. “Poppies are everywhere in California,” she said. “It was not original enough for us. While driving home from a bartending gig one morning at 3 a.m., a lightning bolt struck. “In Greece, artichokes grow wild. You see them everywhere in spring,” said Simone. Inspired, she started drawing.
4031 Broadway Oakland, CA 94611