Fentons Creamery


It starts with the Cow! We work closely with our dairy providers and use only the best high-calcium, high-protein, sweet and rich Cream from Happy California Cows -- “Our Queens” are Jersey, Holstein, Guernsey & Hereford.

We make Super-Premium ice cream. Our ice cream is handcrafted one 10-gallon batch at a time. We use a high content butterfat matched to each flavor, which makes it so creamy and flavorful. Some supermarket factory-produced ice creams contain over 50% injected air! Our ice cream is a natural blend of air, making it more dense and adding to the texture and flavor-release.

Ingredients are key to our great ice cream, unique and specific to each flavor! We use products from longtime partners like Guittard Chocolate and C&H Sugar, pure cane! We only use 100% Madagascar Vanilla. Our Almonds, used in abundance in our signature Toasted Almond flavor, are from local roasters, roasted to our specifications. We use fresh fruits, premium candies, hand-crumbled Oreos – you get the picture - Any substitutions would compromise our Quality!

Critical in the production of ice cream is temperature – it is Scientific! From Cream to the initial batch, to the blast freezer, to the tempering box.
4226 Piedmont Avenue Oakland, CA 94611