Sukho Thai


Delicious, Healthy Thai Dishes

Our mission is to serve tasty and healthy Thai food to our customers. All of our menu items are fresh, healthy, and delicious. Our entire menu is authentic Thai dishes with choices of non-organic dishes, vegetarian, and organic dishes.

Behind our name

The name of Sukho Thai comes from Sukhothai, which was an early kingdom of Thailand. Sukhothai means Dawn of Happiness. It is located in the north central part of Thailand. The Kingdom existed from 1238 until 1438. The old capital now is in ruins and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage historical park. Sukhothai kingdom in the past 700 years flourished with the abundance of natural resources. Sukhothai was named after the name of our heroic king Ramkhamhaeng (raam-kam-haeng), who invented the Thai Alphabets.
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